Refiner Plates

  • Fully-Automatic Refiner Plate Cell Featuring Gaging and C.G. Measurement of Individual Plates for Predictive Balance Optimization when Assembled Per the Cell’s Advanced Sequencing and Labeling System

  • Static Balancer for Large Refiner Plates

Technology in this machine:

BTI engineers and manufactures a complete line of manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic precision measurement and testing equipment for refiner plates. Traditional equipment for this application includes static assembly balancing equipment, dimensional gages, and fully automatic cells featuring gaging and C.G. measurement of individual plates (for predictive balance optimization when assembled per the cell’s advanced sequencing and labeling system). Equipment layouts vary to accommodate any production rate. The typical balancing method for refiner plates is weight insertion, drilling, and milling as well as plate sequencing with shim gapping.

Additionally, BTI’s unique ability to combine the aforementioned technologies into one fully integrated system enables our clients to reduce capital expenditures, increase product quality, and minimize floor space requirements.

Let our staff of more than 50 engineers design a custom solution for your specific requirements. Furthermore, our commercial Measurement & Testing Services Group (M&T Services) can assist with everything from prototype testing and R&D work to master certification and running small-to-medium production runs.

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