Combination Equipment

  • 12633 VR-50A-CM-BG-6S Brake Rotor-Drum

    Fully Automatic Multi-Station Combination Brake Rotor Machine featuring Balancing with Mill Correction, Dimensional Gaging, Surface Finish Measurement, Eddy Current Crack Detection, and Part Marking

  • NVH-100A-CD RDM

    Fully-Automatic RDM Balancer & NVH Combination.  Featuring Drill Correction, Laser Gaging, Drive Shaft Hung Mass Simulation and Advanced Clutch Conditioning Technology

  • Transmission Carrier

    Fully-Automatic Multi-Station Transmission Carrier Combination Machine Featuring Dimensional Gaging, Balancing with Automatic Drill Correction, Part Orientation Flipper and Pin Stamp Marker

  • 12210-VR-10SA-CM-Impeller

    Impeller Balancer with Automatic Mill correction and Laser Gaging of Axial Run-Out

  • 12255-DG-100A-RPS-Refiner-Plate

    Fully-Automatic Refiner Plate Cell Featuring Gaging and C.G. Measurement of Individual Plates for Predictive Balance Optimization when Assembled Per the Cell’s Advanced Sequencing and Labeling System

  • 12261-VR-250A-DG-3S-Wheel

    Fully-Automatic Dynamic Wheel Combination Machine Featuring Part Identification, Axial & Radial Laser Gaging, Balance Audit with Orient and Mark

  • VR-50SA-CP-DG-Torsional-Damper

    Semi-Automatic Torsional  Damper Combination Machine Featuring Balancing with Automatic Pierce Correction, Dimensional Gaging, Part Marking, Rivet and Disallowed Area Sensing

  • 12354-VR-25SA-DG-CP-2S-Flywheel

    Semi-Automatic Flywheel Balancer with Automatic Pierce Correction, Slug Collection System, Pin Stamp Marking, Radial & Axial Dimensional Gaging

  • 12394-VR-25A-CM-3S-Flange

    Fully-Automatic Multi-Station Flange Balancer with Correction Mill, Thread Presence Check,  Dimensional Gaging & Heavy Spot Ink Marking

  • 12431-VR-25SA-CD-Vibration-Damper

    Semi-Automatic Harmonic Vibration Damper Balancer with Automatic Servo Drill Correction, Featuring V-groove Dimensional Gaging, Auto Unload and Chip Containment

  • 12512-P-25-2S-HVAC

    Dual Station HVAC Fan Module Balancer

  • Single station Brake Rotor Balancer with Elevator Load/Unload and Onboard BTI Mill Correction Station. Featuring Dimensional Gaging of Key Attributes such as Flatness, Parallelism, Thickness Variation, TIR, Bore and More.

  • Large Dynamic Truck Tire Inflator Balancer Featuring Radial & Lateral Laser Runout, Bead Lubrication, Load/Unload Elevator & Hot Stamp Unbalance Marking System.

Technology in this machine:

In addition to standalone technology and manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic equipment, BTI has the unique ability to combine multiple technologies into one fully integrated system (combination equipment). This enables our clients to reduce capital expenditures, increase product quality, and minimize floor space requirements. Combined technology machines can include any of the following technologies: balancing, dimensional gaging, mass centering, eddy current crack detection, surface finish measurement, NVH (noise vibration and harshness), functional testing, high-speed spinning, motor testing, resonant frequency measurement, specialized tests, torque-to-turn, backlash, end play, and destructive testing. No matter your production rate, BTI can build a machine that will meet your demands.

With combination equipment, there is no need for costly conveyors and escapements to connect independent machines together; nor do you need to train operators on multiple machines. You are working with one seamless, easy-to-use operator interface with unprecedented networking, statistical, and diagnostic capability.

Whether you need a fully integrated, combined technology system (e.g., a balancer/gage/NVH combo) or independent machines, let our team of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers design and build a custom system for you.

If you don’t see the product you are looking for, or have specific questions, please contact us.

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