Precision Testing

Precision testing measures random errors, and it is the measure of statistical variability. The measuring instrument is the device that is used to measure the precision.  The precision measuring tools let the user maintain high-quality control at construction and production sites. You should choose the measurement tools like indicators and dial callipers for factory measurement instruments. Another example is optical comparators that help you in inspecting a range of materials for an in-depth and quality analysis. You can check out the precision measurement toolkit which offers the tools and accessories required for quality control and inspection of the control applications.  You should always choose a precision tool that you need.

Current Applications of Precision testing 

A consistent testing program has become a key component during the resale and production of high-quality products. Precision testing tests military, leather, footwear, apparel and textile products.  The testing is on the chemical and physical level. Precision is tested to ensure that the clients have unparalleled quality at a low price. Besides the right tools, technicians, technologists and engineers should be qualified to use these tools. The tools can test one single item or multiple items, while the results are reported in an accurate and timely way.

The common fields where precision testing is important are:

  • Statistics,
  • Engineering
  • Science

The precision of the measurement system should be based on repeatability and reproducibility. This is the degree at which the measurements can be repeated in unchanged conditions with the same results.

Spin testing

It is important to improve the reliability and the efficiency of aero engines, and this has become the main challenge in the aviation industry. To achieve this, new materials that are based on weight reduction methods are developed continuously and igher loads without impacting the safety.  Rotating components such as disks on the aero engines are sensitive regarding the safety of aircraft. The burst failure is, in particular, an uncontained engine failure; it may lead to hazardous or even catastrophic effects on an aircraft or its passengers.  This is why spin testing has become an important part ofcomponent of the aero engines, turbochargers and compressors under realistic conditions while using a sophisticated spin test rig with a speed that is over 200,000 rpm, according to the size of the specimen.  Normally these include blisks and disks, but they also include typical rotating engine components like impeller, spools, bearings, seals and shafts.

The spin testing can be:

  • Dynamic spin testing for disks and blades at a certain level of vibration
  • Low cycle fatigue or LCF spin testing and burst testing
  • Partial air spin testing
  • Small spin testing at high-speed spin testing or turbocharger testing
  • Rub testing
  • Pre-spin testing
  • State of the art measurement technology


Measurement & Testing Services

There are companies that have been designed to offer testing and measurement services.  They offer any service you want starting from the prototype balancing to the gaging of the product evaluation and master certification.

What are precision measuring tools?

There are many precision measuring tools, and the following are just a few of them.

  • Blade Micromet is the measuring device which comes with a thin blade for reaching inside of a recess.
  • A combination set is used like a depth gauge, miter, square and height gage with a level.
  • A comparator is a graphical display that measures shapes and dimensions that are not possible to measure using the regular equipment.

What is precision measuring?  

Precision is measured to determine how close two or even more measurements are from one to another.  The precision is different and independent from accuracy. It is possible to be precise while you are inaccurate.

Why is precision measuring important?

the industrial conditions. If an error cannot be detected in a machine because of different conditions and readings, then the quality will not be improved.


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