Functional Test Stands

Functional Test Stands:

The test stand has been designed to measure the functional values of drive shafts. The functional stand test is then used to perform different metrological tests for safety related queries.

Hydraulic test stand

When the production focuses more on manufacturing, automotive, off-road and diesel, there will always be challenges in hydraulic testing. When there is the production of many parts every hour, the individual part test may be completed in just seconds. Traceability is a necessity in the business, and it should be combined with a programmable marking system. However, putting this system in place is also a challenge for the manufacturer. Overlying of these issues is now a reality that is faced by manufacturers in the global market. Even if reliability and durability are always an issue, it is more important when it comes to testing in-line since it has to be reliable around the world. This is why many manufacturers have turned to hydraulic testing. At first, the functional testing will sort, mark and test hydraulic solenoid valves automatically. Safety is always a concern whenever there is fluid in the mix. This is why the stand has been designed to contain spillage.
The redundant monitoring system is part of this design also. It shuts down whenever there is heater failure or too much pressure loss. When the designs for hydraulic tests are not clear or are inadequate or incomplete, they will lead to problems. Hydraulic lines starting from the pump to the other fixture are found in separate housings, and they can protect against any rupture. The liquid air contains the oil intensifier, and it is used to bring 0.5-liter air volume for testing the pressure. A test has to be designed taking into account ease of operation at the beginning. It is always a problem when it comes to hydraulic testing, but it is good to always have a plan and thorough operation while doing testing to achieve the high standard of quality that a company wishes to achieve.

Force gauge test stand

A force test stand may be used together with the force tester through combining with the force gauge. A tester can force the measurements that are not able to perform by using a force gauge on its own. The example is to improve the efficiency or the repeatability and to apply a large force. It is possible to find any test stand you wish to have. Since the test is completed through mounting the test attachment or fixture, there are different force tests which are available, including the COF test, peel test, tension test and compression test.
A manual test stand is used to make sure that the force gauge is correctly positioned compared to the sample tester. There are many manual test stands that have different abilities. There are also motorized stands. In this world, it is important to be competitive, and every product comes with unique specifications. This is the reason why every person will need to set his own test. There are some motorized test stands that can be as versatile as possible. There is a complete line of digital force gauges and mechanical force gauges. You can find a test stand for pull testing and advanced material testing that have the distance and force measurement that you want to learn about. The digital force gauges come with high-speed capture, memory and date output using serial or USB. You should always be aware of the type of forge gauge you need before you buy it.

Motorized test stand

A motorized test stand may be used like a force testing machine that improves both the efficiency and testing repeatability. They perform automatically when it comes to doing tests according to the programmed conditions like distance and travelling speed. Capable tests are the COF test, peel test, tension test and compression test. The test stand makes it possible to control the testing motion through using force and to draw the graph that connects to the digital force gauge and the optional software using a cable when applicable. It is the best option when there are efficient force tests with detailed analyses.

Force test stand

A force test stand is a unique motorized tool that offers torque and force measurements. Motorized stands are better compared to the manual tests because they provide a constant test speed. There are models which may be programmed to achieve an advanced test sequence and to accommodate more demanding applications. A test stand is an important part of any testing system, and this comprises of accessories, software, grips, a torque gauge and a force gauge. With a motorized test stand, you will get the same and constant test speed. There are some models which may be programmed to get a test sequence and to accommodate their demanding applications.

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