BTI’s products and services come with impressive features to help you enhance efficiency, improve communication, and decrease costs. Explore this page to learn more about our unique offerings.

Superior Quality

BTI’s strict quality standards ensure high performance and reliability in harsh manufacturing environments.
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Engineered to Your Specs

From engineering to implementation, BTI works closely with you to ensure your equipment meets your specifications.
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Industrial Computers and PLCs

BTI leverages industrial computers and programmable logic controllers for maximum reliability, speed, and production capabilities.
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Software: Windows-Based

Let BTI’s team of software engineers customize a software solution to use the language, terms, and pictures that your people understand.
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We provide multilingual equipment, documentation, and support for all our customers.
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AI & Diagnostics

The equipment we build features built-in diagnostic tools that enable you to quickly address issues and enhance performance.
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Automated Capability Testing

From spin-to-spin repeatability to gage R&R and CpK results, BTI’s software makes it easy to test and measure machine performance and capability.
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Statistics and Production Data

BTI machines automatically record production data, making it easy for you to access reports and assess productivity.
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Network Connectivity

We’ll work side-by-side with you to ensure your machine’s connectivity and data-exchange capabilities meet your exact specifications.
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Combined Technologies

BTI builds custom machines that house multiple technologies, enabling you to reduce production costs and save space on your factory floor.
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Remote Diagnostics

No matter your location, BTI engineers can provide 24/7, real-time support for any piece of equipment we’ve built.
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