Dimensional Gage

What is a Dimensional Gage?

Quality precision gages are used as references when setting up measuring equipment used in the machine making shops. Gages include sine bars, micrometers, dial indicators, and callipers. A gage pin is a major component of the gaging device that is used for measuring (measurement indicator), and it works similar to the gage block. A gage is simply used to determine whether a dimension is accurate or notneedle on a gage normally moves through a calibrated scale to display the device’s measurements.

Application of gages

A dimensional gage is applicable in the fields of Science, Engineering and Housing. In the science field, the gages are used as laboratory measuring devices. In the engineering field, gages are mostly used for the manufacturing of engineering devices. In the housing field, gages are mostly used for measuring the thickness of building materials. Gages are also applicable in the following fields;

  • Oil and gas industries,
  • Mining, construction and Geo-thermal jobs,
  • Inspection of valves, flanges, fittings, and
  • Calibration and repair services.

BTI solutions for gages

BTI provide solutions for several issues relating to gages, these include the regular Dimensional Gage related services such as

  • Custom gage design,
  • Calibration and repair services,
  • Inspection services,
  • Gage related certifications,
  • Training, and
  • Facility Certifications

Among several others!

Types of gages

There are numerous kinds of gages in the market today, the commonest ones are

  • Dial bore gage – this is a common gage that is used in measuring holes.
  • Spline gages- Used in measuring the effectiveness of the thickness of the tooth of a device.
  • Go no go gages – these are inspection tools that are used in checking work pieces against their pre-set tolerance. They are used to check whether the item being measured pass certain tests.
  • Standard bore gage- This is used for measuring the most difficult bores.
  • Thread gages go no go- this type of gage is used in measuring the lead or pitch of screw threads.
  • Electronic gages- Involves the use of transducers in converting forces into electrical signals.
  • Measurement gages- these gages often include calibrated screws, mostly used in measuring small distances in engineering fields.
  • Measuring gage- has an indicator that reads when the gage is used in measuring thickness and weight of commonly used items.
  • Roundness Gage- This gage is used in measuring holes and slots. This gage has a rotating head that is mounted on a vertical straight head.
  • Bore Gage- Used in measuring or transfer of tools that are used in measuring holes.
  • Digital bore gage- This is an electronic bore gage measuring device that provides a digital reading on computers and other devices.
  • Mahr federal air gage- Used mostly in measuring pressure and it is often referred to as the Mahr vacuum gage.
  • Cylinder bore gage- This can be inserted into cylindrical objects to measure their depth, thickness and so on.


Often, some types of gages are used for similar purposes when the most accurate one is not available. For instance, cylindrical gages may be used as roundness gages in some situations.


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